No matter how hard this country hard reach, God let me see my own do
I will thrive and prosper.

This topic is a very interesting one. I found it on a Facebook status update of a friend and I decided to write about it.

About 9 years ago, it was a question that bothered my mind as a young graduate who was not sure of what to do with his life.

It was apparent that with the socio-economic challenges facing my country and a lack of direction from the political leadership, my best resort was prayer.

I see people praying from both sides of the prominent religion in my country. They pray for the country and they prayed for themselves.

Obviously, the prayers are yet to work for the country.

Individually, prayers were turning things around for some Muslims and some Christians. Definitely not the majority.

Then I questioned myself, is there a limitation to what prayers can do for my country?

If I want to decide between two types of prayers e.g To pray that God should help Nigeria to have stable electricity or to pray that God bless me enough to buy a generator plus inverter plus solar. It appears that the later prayer has happened sometimes but the former is yet to materialize.

Should I focus on the kind of prayers that easily materialize and damn the type that seems far away?

Eventually, I did, but one thing is that refuses to go away is the expression of the Yoruba that Olówó kan láàrín olóṣì mẹ́fà, Olóṣì ni gbogbo wọn. (One affluent person in the midst of other 6 six people is simply a quorum of poor people).

No matter what good my prayers offer me, it is in my best interest that this good spreads that I am not the only one of the lucky few ones to be successful.

Success is enjoyable when the vast majority have it than when only a few are lucky to grab it.

We are safer from envy when a community is majorly doing well than when only a few do.

Security is better when everyone has access to opportunities for growth.

Will there always be people who are unable to meet up and not as fortunate as we do? Yes.

Is it sensible to dwell on that and care for only ourselves? No.

Are there steps we can take to ensure that the unfortunate among us are reduced to the barest minimum? Yes.

Should we go ahead and identify those things and start working on them without delay? Yes.

Let's go ahead and take steps that count that make things better for the majority.




Apprentice, T-shaped, Goal-digger and Public Speaker

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Surajudeen Akande

Surajudeen Akande

Apprentice, T-shaped, Goal-digger and Public Speaker

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